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About Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect, produced by UBM Tech, is the defining event of the cloud computing industry. As both a conference and an exhibition, Cloud Connect's goal is to chart the course of cloud computing's development by bringing together enterprise IT professionals, developers, infrastructure and service providers and cloud computing innovators. UBM Tech has produced cloud events that define and frame cloud computing discussions since June 2008, including Cloud Summit Executive and Enterprise Cloud Summit at Interop. Cloud Connect plays a vital role in informing the market and bringing all cloud constituents together in meaningful ways.


How to Stay Relevant

Cloud spending is predicted to grow by 19% in 2012 becoming a $109 billion industry, according to Gartner. As both enterprises and small to medium size business turn to cloud computing technologies to reduce costs and gain efficiencies, they need information on how best to utilize these new tools and migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Connect is the one place where IT professionals and executives can get the relevant, vendor neutral information and education on the latest cloud innovations and opportunities.


About UBM Tech

UBM Tech
We’re a global business that delivers business information, events, media, training, and marketing and data services to the technology industry. Our audience and solutions serve the entire technology ecosystem. This includes the engineers designing the latest device, to the developers coding apps for it, to the telecoms professionals behind the infrastructure that allows it to communicate with the world, to the IT and business executives who turn the device – and the data and possibilities it creates – into bottom-line business and customer value.

As technology has become pervasive and connects the world, we get to serve the people who define how we live, work and play. Our mission is to inform and inspire them, with high-value content and business information targeted to specific technologies and disciplines—always considering how those technologies and disciplines work together in an increasingly connected world.

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