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2012 Speakers

Hear from IT leaders, industry experts and developers at the defining event that brings together the entire cloud computing community.

Photo of Rick Mickool

Rick Mickool

CIO, Wittenburg University

As CIO at Wittenburg University, Mr. Mickool is responsible for the strategic technology plan and on-going IT operations for the university. He is known for innovative uses of technology and the willingness to bring leading edge tech solutions into core systems. An early adopter of cloud-based solutions, Mickool led a 90-day implementation of salesforce.com, the roll-out of cloud-based email to over 30,000 mailboxes, and the adoption of a core system based in the cloud while he was serving as the Executive Director & CTO, IS at Northeastern University. Prior to his role at Northeastern University, Mr. Mickool served as the CIO of Babson College.
Mr. Mickool attended Babson College and holds an MBA from Northeastern University.


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