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2012 Speakers

Hear from IT leaders, industry experts and developers at the defining event that brings together the entire cloud computing community.

Photo of Jeremy Edberg

Jeremy Edberg

Manager, Site Reliability, Netflix

Jeremy is currently the Lead Site Reliability Engineer for Netflix, the largest subscription video streaming site in the world. Previously he was the Information Cowboy (aka. Head of Technology) for reddit.com, an online community for sharing and discussing interesting things on the internet that did more than a billion pageviews a month. reddit was an Alexa Top 100 website whose entire operations are run on Amazon’s EC2. Jeremy has spent 15 years in technology: 4 in operations, 3 in security, 4 in consulting, and 4 in academic computing. When working for Sendmail, he helped administer the most bleeding edge Sendmail server on the internet; at eBay he helped protect people from phishing and scams, created patent-pending fraud detection software, and evaluated hardware for the eBay platform; and at UC Berkeley, he wired up large portions of the dorms for internet, back before every college student in America had a net drop in their room. Jeremy has keynoted at conferences such as PyCon and Cloud Connect. He holds a Cognitive Science degree from UC Berkeley.


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