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2012 Speakers

Hear from IT leaders, industry experts and developers at the defining event that brings together the entire cloud computing community.

Photo of Jason Goecke

Jason Goecke

President, Voxeo

Jason has over 20 years experience in computer telephony, voice solutions and open-source projects in engineering, product management, sales and general management roles. As President for Voxeo Labs he leads Voxeons into the next generation of real time communication with solutions such as the popular Tropo cloud telecom service.

Prior to developing cloud technology partnerships in countries all over the word, Jason was a founder of Adhearsion, a widely used open-source voice development framework. Voxeo acquired Adhearsion in July, 2009 to create Voxeo Labs.

Before leading a team of vigorus Voxeons, Jason served as VP of International at Presence Technology and served in a variety of technical and sales roles for Genesys, which was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2000.


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