2011 Track Chairs

Photo of Drew Bartkiewicz
CEO, CyberFactorsTM, and Managing Partner of CyberRiskPartners, LLC
Photo of Hooman Beheshti
VP of Products, Strangeloop Networks
Photo of Randy Bias
Track Chair: Private Clouds
CEO, Cloudscaling
Photo of Alistair Croll
Founder, BitCurrent
Photo of Jeremy Edberg
Track Chair: Data and Storage
Operations Manager, reddit.com
Photo of Damon Edwards
Co-Founder and President, DTO Solutions
Photo of Lori MacVittie
Track Chair: Private Clouds
Senior Technical Marketing Manager, F5 Networks
Photo of Steve Orrin
Track Chair: CloudSec
Director of Security Solutions, Intel
Photo of MR Rangaswami
Co-Founder, Sandhill Group
Photo of Shlomo Swidler
Track Chair: Design Patterns
Founder, Orchestratus
Photo of Joe Weinman
Track Chair: Cloud Economics
Communications, Media, and Entertainment Industry Strategic Programs, HP