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WAN and Cloud Networking Track

Networking is the third leg of cloud computing resources and an increasingly critical part of the ability to deliver on the promises of agility and scale. Network connections both link local compute and storage capacity, as well as deliver user traffic. This track will explore the latest changes in cloud networking, delving in to network virtualization and software defined networking. The network has to be part of any orchestration process for a cloud infrastructure to be able to grow to any scale and SDN is a path with lots of promise. The last year has seen big steps forward in both open source and vendor-based network automation tools and the sessions will detail what's here today, what's on the horizon, and what it all means for you.

We'll also look at networking needs to get maximum performance in hybrid deployments and links to users. Hybrid application architectures are a great transition mechanism for many enterprise needs, but they put a huge stress on the networks that bind them together. WAN connection options and the performance and cost impacts of each will be covered, with an eye to getting information that will help in making decisions in these turbulent times.

Photo of Eric Hanselman

Track Chair

Eric Hanselman
Chief Analyst, 451 Research