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Virtualization and Private Cloud Boot Camp

Whether you're just starting your cloud journey or enhancing your existing cloud landscape, odds are a private cloud will figure heavily into your planning. Most enterprises take a short-sighted approach to a private cloud development, often slapping a simple web-based front-end on a well-worn virtualization environment and declaring victory. Unfortunately, this can result in an environment that over-promises and under-delivers, causing business users to seek other alternatives. To succeed where others have failed, you'll need to create a top-notch strategy and plan so you avoid getting boxed in.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basics of the cloud technology stack
  • How to identify the cloud operating model that will support your cloud
  • Who the key stakeholders within your organization are and who needs to be involved in your cloud plan
  • Strategies for establishing "quick wins" that demonstrate success and help provide access to greater resources for later implementation phases
  • How to create a hybrid cloud and respond to future requirements
  • Identify economics of private clouds and build a solid business case
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Dave Roberts
Sr. Director Solutions Marketing, Cloud, DevOps, and Data Center Automation, BMC Software