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Organizational Readiness and Business Cases Track

On our road to the cloud, enterprises have taken wrong turns, one-way streets and paid some hefty tolls. After all this exhausting traveling, where are we? In the Organizational Readiness and Business Cases track, we're going to safely pull off to the service plaza and check the map.

Are we going in the right direction after 6+ years of virtualization and server consolidation? Has public cloud brought us closer to our destination, or should we be in the HOV lane of private cloud? Will business units – formerly the backseat drivers of IT – continue to take control of the wheel, accelerating towards business transformation?

The drivers of cloud-enabled enterprise transformation will take the stage to talk about how far we've come and offer suggestions on how to learn from their adventures to adjust our route. Sessions will take on the shifting nature of IT strategy, the current state of enterprise transformation, and the growing influence of business stakeholders over app development and infrastructure decisions. We'll even delve into how cloudwashing has led to broken promises and starting over.

Participants will have a front seat view and learn practical strategies from fellow travelers on the road to cloud.

Photo of Scott Bils

Track Chair

Scott Bils
Partner, Everest Group