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OpenStack Track

OpenStack is hot. Growth of other open source cloud software has flattened while OpenStack enjoys rising interest, developer attention and deployments. Support from a diverse ecosystem of major corporations, governments and startups has allowed OpenStack to grow faster than any project in the history of open source software, leading some to call it the “Linux of cloud” a cloud operating system kernel for the next generation of IT.

With any fast-growing project, there’s bound to be hype, and OpenStack is no exception. Over the course of four sessions, dig in and separate the OpenStack wheat from the chaff of hyper-inflated vendor promises. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the business issues that drive OpenStack adoption, including a frank assessment of which components of OpenStack are ready for production deployment, and which ones still need work. Gain an informed point of view on the status of OpenStack, as well as a more nuanced understanding of how the software might play a role in helping your organization deploy cloud infrastructure to support business units and external customers with agile and cost-effective new services.

What You Will Learn

  • Separate marketing hype from what’s real in OpenStack
  • Understand how companies are using OpenStack in production today
  • An informed POV on the role OpenStack can play in a company’s cloud infrastructure portfolio

Photo of Randy Bias

Track Chair

Randy Bias
Co-founder & CTO, Cloudscaling; Board of Directors, OpenStack Foundation