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OpenStack Boot Camp

OpenStack has taken the open source cloud software world by storm. In the year since the OpenStack Foundation was formed, interest in the project has mushroomed to more than 500 developers and added 230 new features to the most recent OpenStack release, Grizzly. Enterprises and service providers such as AT&T, Comcast, PayPal, Webex, Living Social, Best Buy, Ubisoft, Mercado Libre are embracing the software for infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. The OpenStack Boot Camp provides an opportunity for cloud architects, IT management and business leaders to quickly gain a working understanding of OpenStack, the projects that compose it, the current state of technical development, what types of business cases are ideally suited to OpenStack, and considerations for taking OpenStack from dev/test into production environments.

What You Will Learn:

  • The projects that make OpenStack tick
  • Which components of OpenStack are fully baked and which ones are not
  • How OpenStack compares to other open source cloud software choices
  • How to immediately get started with OpenStack
  • What to consider when moving into production with OpenStack
Photo of Randy Bias

Track Chair

Randy Bias
Co-founder & CTO, Cloudscaling; Board of Directors, OpenStack Foundation