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CloudStack Track

Apache CloudStack's success as both an enterprise and service provider solution for cloud computing lies in its completeness as a Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. What makes CloudStack unique is that it is a comprehensive solution for orchestrating virtual resources at the hypervisor, storage and network layers while still having the ability to be extensible via third party technology integrations. Flourishing as a Top-Level Project (TLP) within the Apache Foundation CloudStack is a stable, growing open source project supported by an active community. Attend the CloudStack track to better understanding if CloudStack is right for your business and hear how global users are leverage CloudStack to deliver both public and private cloud infrastructure to resell cloud services and drive web scale businesses.

What You Will Learn in this Track?

  • Complete overview of CloudStack Capabilities and Architecture
  • How to develop your CloudStack strategy
  • CloudStack use cases and best practices for delivery both public and private cloud infrastructures
  • Foundation for delivering everything-as-a-service to your customers

Photo of Mark Hinkle

Track Chair

Mark Hinkle
Sr. Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix

Photo of Aaron Delp

Track Chair

Aaron Delp
Sr. Director, Technical Marketing, Citrix