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Application Design and Architecture Track

Most failed cloud computing projects can be traced back to bad or missing architecture and design practices. Architecture and design comes in two core patterns: The first pattern covers those that integrate the use of cloud computing services (either PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS) with existing enterprise IT systems which extends those systems to the platforms of the clouds. The second covers those patterns that actually build private, community, or public clouds services for use within a single enterprise, a community of users, or, perhaps become public cloud computing providers themselves.

So, what are the proper ways to design, build, and leverage cloud computing systems? What are the steps to success? What are the emerging best practices?

In this track we'll cover a range of topics relating to the right and wrong ways to leverage, design, and build cloud-based systems and infrastructure. This includes how to build clouds to meet the needs of those who will consume those services, and those who will extend existing enterprise IT resources to the clouds. Either path requires mad cloud computing architecture and design skills. Attending these sessions is a great way to get started.

Photo of David Linthicum

Track Chair

David Linthicum
Cloud Computing Expert, Author, and Consultant