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Amazon Web Services Boot Camp

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is by far the pacesetter in the cloud computing industry. Every IT organization and practitioner will need to understand the power and potential of this platform as it transforms the operations of IT around the world. If you want – or are under pressure -- to begin using AWS, this boot camp is for you. Both fundamental and advanced AWS services are discussed during the boot camp, ensuring that you gain a complete overview of AWS. The instructor will provide a live demonstration of the AWS system and create a running AWS application during the boot camp. The boot camp is presented in a highly interactive fashion to allow for questions and discussion.

What You Will Learn:

  • The fundamentals of AWS architecture and operations
  • AWS core computing, storage, network, and security services
  • How to design applications for the AWS environment
  • How to select which services are right for your application
  • Definition of AWS utilization and cost management

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Bernard Golden
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Enstratius