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Conference Overview

Conference Overview

Workshops | Monday and Tuesday

Attend our Boot Camps and Summits to engage in focused discussions and dive deep into topics including big data, mobile clouds, private and hybrid cloud environments, cloud security and more.Less

Conference | Tuesday - Wednesday

AWS & Eucalyptus

This track focuses on key issues and a question associated with using AWS and is aimed at mainstream IT practitioners as they move toward using AWS as a core part of their infrastructure...Read more »


CloudStack has emerged as a leading contender for open source IaaS, available as a Top-Level Project (TLP) within the Apache Foundation...Read more »


OpenStack has taken the open source cloud software world by storm. In the year since the OpenStack Foundation was formed, interest in the project has mushroomed to more than 500 developers and added 230 new features to the most recent OpenStack release, Grizzly... Read more »


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and DevOps methods potentially make IT and business more agile. They also introduce complications. While streamlined processes free developers from infrastructure constraints, and enhanced consistency in development...Read more »

Virtualization and Private Clouds

Many enterprises have virtualized their data centers to reduce IT costs and increase flexibility, efficiency and automation. Building on these investments, companies are looking to private clouds as a logical next step in their migration to the cloud... Read more »